1. I interviewed the always fascinating Madison Young for The Rumpus.

    At this point in my life I realize that people are going to judge and make assumptions and there isn’t much I can do about that.I don’t need to fight to defend my identity or my sexual choices. It’s simply a part of who I am and how I like to fuck and the community I belong to. I fell in love with James as a person, not a gender. My decision to have a child was one that I made as an individual. Whether or not James was present, I would still be a queer parent. I don’t lose my individual identity simply because I’m in a relationship with someone else. I respect James as an individual and he respects me as an individual as well. We work together as an alternative family to raise our daughter and love one another.

    Being an artist isn’t an occupation for the weak. You have to be determined, goal oriented, and aggressive at times. You also need to be open, listening, and receptive to what is going on around you… and still pay your rent. Even at the level of work that I do, I don’t expect all of my income to come from one source. I’ve become really good at time management and assessment of how much energy I’m giving to any one part of my life or career and the return – whether that is nourishment of my self creatively, or financially providing for my family.

    What I’d really like to see next for the feminist art movement is a greater sense of organization. I think its time that we own the land, we own the space, the building in which to archive our culture, in which to create.